Best Scaling And Polishing in Hoshiarpur

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Scaling And Polishing

Best Dental Scaling in Hoshiarpur

Scaling is a popular dental prophylaxis technique that removes the causative factors (plaque and calculus) that cause gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease, commonly known as gingivitis, can spread to the foundation of the teeth and cause harm to the supporting structures (bone) of our teeth.

Scaling, when done at the correct time, every six months to remove calculus, breaks the cycle of gum disease and prevents the beginning of gum disease. Scaling is a safe and common operation that does no harm to the tooth surface.

Best Dental Polishing in Hoshiarpur

After scaling, polishing is frequently performed to eliminate stains and make your teeth feel smooth and shiny. Polishing is done with a spinning soft rubber cup. Prophylaxis paste is a toothpaste-like substance that is scooped into the cup and swirled around on the teeth.