Strategic Implants/ Basal Implants

Strategic Implants

Best Basal Implants Dentist in Hoshiarpur

Basal dental implants are a completely new and groundbreaking way of dental rehabilitation that does not require bone replacement even in the most severe situations. They are constructed from a biocompatible titanium alloy. They are all-in-one implants (implant and abutment are monolithically connected).

Benefit of Finest Bansal Implants in Hoshiarpur

  • Basal dental implants are the first choice in moderate or severe atrophy of the jaws, as well as in cases where patients want an immediate return to chewing function.
  • Basal implants are suitable for placement even in cases of severe bone atrophy, that is, in patients with “insufficient” bone.
  • There is no need for bone displacement (bone augmentation) and sinus lift before implant placement.
  • Basal implants are placed in one visit by a less traumatic method than the traditional (two-part) implants.
  • Primary load – on the third day after implantation, the prosthetic construction is cemented.